Through Community Days, Group Projects, Mentoring & Field Trips students learn exponentially, across subjects, all the while, educating themselves.  Take back your freedom in homeschooling.  Stop striving to deliver the perfect education.  Spending precious time forcing students to accomplish work defeats the purpose of their education, emphasis on THEIR.  Give yourself a break and give your student space, which offers them an opportunity to seek their passion, their gifting, & their path, by making room for it in your day and in your week.  



Involvement in community, with fellow Christian homeschool families, blesses students and parents with accountability, friendships and loving support.

Identity in Christ


When Christians understand who they are, due to the finished work in Christ, it brings freedom, security,  others into focus and true love.  God's purpose for each of us becomes clear as we seek His Will.  Let us work together with our unique gifts to further discover our strengths and work in unity as the body of Christ in order to grow the Kingdom.

Love of Learning


The best way to learn any subject is to engage with it.  Allowing a student's curiosity and natural love of learning to drive their education, encourages a life long quest of knowledge and wisdom.

Presentation & Hands-On


At Greatest of These Academy, we inspire students to become responsible for their education, just as our Country's Founding Fathers.  In presenting weekly to  their peers, accompanied by hands on Science and Art, students remain interested, enjoy learning and retain knowledge.

Reading & Writing


Good writers make good readers.  Good readers obtain mental stimulation, improved focus and concentration,  stress reduction, vocabulary expansion, knowledge, stronger analytical thinking skills, memory improvement, and become better writers.

Involvement & Influence


 By learning government and economic terminology, students will be introduced to good citizenship and their Christian responsibility to influence culture through active civic involvement.  Field trips and speakers will assist students to grow in knowledge by engaging in activities outside of the classroom.